3 Cheap, Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Safety and Security for Your Home.

Great advice any time of year, but especially now with the Holidays upon us.

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Yippie! it’s that time of year again. The holidays are right around the corner and they often bring with them work parties, travel out of town, school events, friendly get togethers, and enough eggnog to give you the squirts for a month.

Having to attend these numerous events can leave your home feeling very lonely and empty. The only thing to keep your home feeling full, is all the nice new stuff you stock piled to give away as gifts. 

Your neighborhood dope fiend understands this all to well.  There is nothing they hate more than an lonely feeling home, so they take every opportunity they can to occupy it for you while you are gone. As they say, “tis the season for robbin’ and thievin’ “.  

Theft (package theft big time), burglaries, and robberies typically see an increase during the holiday season. Cars and homes are filled…

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