I am not sick.  I am not dying.  Something happens though, when you find yourself faced with the responsibility of parenthood.  You tend to acknowledge your own mortality.  I was never afraid to fly.  I flew a lot for work.  I flew a lot for fun.  Then I had a son and the first time I flew after my boy was born, I was terrified.  “What happens if the plane crashes?!  I will miss out on so much, and he needs me!!”  The second time I flew after he was born, I wrote those feelings down in this pseudo- poem.

Oh Little one, you’re on your way into this world

And I’m on my way out

Life can be awful cruel at times, of that

there is no doubt

I won’t be there to give you all the things

A daddy should provide

So I’ll leave you with some words

In hopes they’ll help you navigate the tides

Some of these words are mine

And some are those of others

But the one’s you’ll need to know right off

Are ‘Listen to your mother’.

A wise man once said,

“To thine own self be true”

Because there will be times in life

When your only friend is you

You’ll make mistakes, but that’s okay

Mistakes are life’s great teacher.

And if you don’t meet your goal at first

Keep trying ’til you reach her.

To find the key to happiness

Doesn’t take a great detective

The answer to those secrets

All lie in your perspective

For some the sunset means

Another day is dead and gone

For others it simply means

The night has just begun

It’s all in how you see it son

I guess I was wrong when I said

Words were all I had to give

For you’ll have a guardian angel protecting you

For as long as you shall live.

Brett & Me LLL

Song Lyrics to Live By Volume 1

I know, you shouldn’t look for answers to your questions on the jukebox, but there are just some lyrics that speak to me.  They speak of the life I have lived, or the life I want to live, of the things in life I’m doing right, and the things I need to be reminded of. Occasionally, I’m going to share with you some of the song lyrics that hit home for me as to what life should be and the things to keep in mind as you travel around the sun:

From — Cowboy in the Jungle by Jimmy Buffett

Alone on a midnight passage,

I can count the falling stars

While the Southern Cross and the satellites

They remind me where we are

Spinning around in circles

and living it day to day

and still twenty four hours, maybe sixty good years

It’s really not that long a stay

We’ve gotta roll with the punches

Learn to play all of our hunches

Make the best of whatever comes your way

Forget that blind ambition

and learn to trust your intuition

Plowing straight ahead come what may.

I think that’s perfect to keep in mind here on my 42nd birthday as I embark now on my 43rd trip around the sun.  It’s really not that long a stay after all.  Gotta make the most of it.