Are You Brave Enough To Go Commando?

Is anyone else bothered by that toilet paper commercial where the woman is basically asking the lady if she’s wiped her ass good enough? “Hey mudbutt, did you wipe all the turd splatter from your ass-crack, and if so, did you wipe it good enough to go commando without leaving mustard stains on the back of these white shorts?”
(Not a direct quote, but essentially what she’s asking)

First of all, going commando in white shorts can’t be a good idea no matter how good a wiper you are. You’re always just one wet fart away from major embarrassment. Secondly, I don’t need my toilet paper commercials to be that graphic. We all know what it’s used for. Tell me it’s comfortable, allude to the fact that it won’t leave rolled up poop-paper residue on the seat, and give me a decent price, that’s all I need to know. Cute bears, angels, ribbons, all fine, but please don’t make me picture potential shit-stains on a woman’s white shorts.

From the Cottonelle website:

Do You Dare to Go Commando?

Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple® texture to get you clean, giving you all the confidence you need to Go Commando. Dare a friend to Go Commando and we’ll send you and your friend a personalized commando kit with a free sample.

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