The Truth About Dad

What Dads try to hide from their children: We really aren’t much smarter than you are. We’ve been around longer and so there are some things we know that you don’t, but we’re still trying to figure this whole thing out ourselves. Still making mistakes, big and small, still learning lessons everyday.

We head out on that unknown path a few paces ahead of you. We face the pitfalls and become slightly familiar with the terrain so we can try to guide you through it. But we aren’t all that far ahead of you. We are also learning as we go, trying hard to be a good guide, but also stumbling and tripping along our own journey. With luck and love, we will all make it to the end of a long journey, me hopefully far ahead of you, you passing the good information I can give back to those following you, without too much pain and sorrow, with many happy adventures, and a whole lot of laughs. My main job is to not lead you into the abyss, to steer you away from the vipers and give you the tools you need to defeat the predators and navigate around the traps. In order to do this though, sometimes I have to double back off the wrong path to find the right one. Bear with me. I’m trying to get us there, but remember, I’m still figuring this out as I go.

One more thing, enjoy the journey, it is shorter than you think.

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Dad

  1. What a festinating story!!!!!
    I was taken by your life events and thank you for sharing it you with us; by leaving the door open to your memory lane. It’s always wonderful to read or even view someone else’s true life events.
    My Intuition is….. May be…. just may be; she needs that particular wide-eyed boy to believe in her once more. It was never “the unlucky one that has touched the ball” but it was that little boy whom was and still is ‘THE CHOSEN ONE” that have failed her dearly by not having faith nor trust in her and that is why he cannot let her go; subconsciously he knows he never gave her a chance from the beginning.
    For the fallen heroes whom never believed in her, she will proof them wrong. This year she will wear her magical number again as she did in 1908; only if the magical wide-eyed boy will believe in her with his heart and soul and will no longer break her heart.
    Yours truly

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  2. Congratulations; 108 years…I do trust that by now you have worked out the magic number. I am very; very happy for your guys, especially for the “The Little Magic Boy” that have believed in her but never turned his back on her, no matter how deep the hurt. It deserves one big celebration. Snowangel9


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