Brian Schnoor grew up on the north side of Chicago. Upon graduation from Southern Illinois University, the former catholic schoolboy, altar boy, and Eagle Scout, began a fourteen-year stint working for the infamous television talk show, the Jerry Springer Show.What began as an internship led to several moves up the ladder at what TV Guide once decreed the “Worst Show in the History of Television”, eventually landing him the position of Director of On-Air Promotions where he was able to put his story-telling and writing skills to use spinning an hour of talk TV into an exciting 30 seconds of car-crash-fascination-like visual temptation. For this he won the 2000 Promax Silver Award for Writing as well as the NBC/Universal Ovation Award.

During his tenure at the Spirnger Show, Brian had the opportunity to put his acting skills to use when he brought to television a character he’d created years before while studying the art of Improvisational Theater at the famed Second City Conservatory in Chicago. Brian’s drunk, womanizing, hypocritical Reverend Shnorr became a favorite among the Springer show’s faithful viewers. At one point, Reverend Shnorr t-shirts out sold the show’s popular ‘Security’ shirts and the popularity of the character spurred NBC to distribute a Rev. Shnorr on-line video game. He appeared in over 150 episodes over a three-year period. Clips of his appearances have garnered over 600,000 unique views on YouTube. Reverend Shnorr fans spanned the globe across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

His novel, In the Sanctity of Revenge, is a departure from his comedic roots, but incorporates Brian’s intimate knowledge of Chicago, his Catholic school upbringing, and his ability to tell a compelling and thrilling story of anger, greed and betrayal.

Oh Brother Here We Go Again!
To purchase Brian’s novel go to Amazon.com

8 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Victoria. I can’t get into the exact reasons why, but it is entirely up to NBC Universal and the producers of the show. If they want the Reverend back, all they have to do is ask. I miss him too!


  1. If the show is ending then they should totally bring you back. You cracked me up…you were one of the best parts of the show. Your quick wit and improv…I still watch old clips just for the laughs.


  2. Reverend schnoor i deeply miss u also.u were a hoot n a half.a real treat.if u got ur own show i would b a true fan. Its their loss but also ur fans.i wish u well n ur endeavers n life.dont change, i like u just the way u r.stay cool and keep on telling it the way it is.


  3. Hi Reverend Schnorr !!! I Just Wanted To Let You Know, That I Really Miss You, On The Jerry Springer Show!!!.. I Really Miss Your Witt, Funny Character, & Your Uncanny Sense Of Humor!!…..You Sent Me Your picture, One Time, & I Still Have It In A Frame!! Thank- Your, & Your Truely Missed!!..


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